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The heart of my work

Above all and before even talking about opinions, testimonials or distinctions, I would like to pay honor and tribute to all those who trust me, who buy my creations, are loyal, share my work on networks, support me in my adventure and some from the very beginning.


All those thanks to whom I can live from my passion every day, those who literally make me eat. No artist, entrepreneur or business should ever lose sight of this. ​

Those which ultimately represent the only opinions which have real importance for me. ​


A huge thank you to all of you: my customers and subscribers! ​



Here are some photos of receptions from my clients as well as some reviews posted on my networks or on various sites.

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- EUGENE CLARK - Actor -

Big Daddy from George A. Romero's

"Land of the dead"


















Mr. Eugene Clark is known in the world of horror cinema for having played the iconic zombie leader "BIG DADDY" in the film "LAND OF THE DEAD" (2005 - The land of the dead) by the undisputed master George A. Romero .

I was lucky and surprised that Mr. CLARK came across my bust of Big Daddy that I had sculpted and contacted me personally to congratulate me on my work.


He gave me the immense honor of signing all of my certificates of authenticity  provided with each copy of this bust.

A real privilege for my clients to have a signature by his hand! ​


At his request, he is also the happy owner of one of my busts which will accompany him during his many conventions. ​


A real HONOR for me. Thank you Mr Clark!

Eugene Clark Big Daddy


- JEFFREY S. FARLEY - Productor & Special effect/Make-up-

Special effect on "The Blob" (1988)

(creature effect crew)





Jeffrey S. Farley is a producer, makeup artist and special effects designer.

He is known, among other things, for “THE BLOB” (1988), “DEMOLITION MAN” (1993), “WOLF” (1994) and SPACE WARS: QUEST OF THE DEEPSTAR (2022). He also worked on numerous episodes of "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" (1997-1998) and "BABYLON 5" (1997-1998). ​


One of my clients, a big fan of this film, had received my creation The Blob jar and had shared it on a Facebook group specializing in horror.

This is where I had the great surprise that he contacted me to inform me that Mr. Jeff Farley, one of the creators of the special effects on the Blob itself had seen, commented on and appreciated my work done on this replica. ​


A great honor to be dubbed by one of the creators of a cult film himself!

Jeffrey S. Farley The Blob


- Collaboration with "Art de cinema" -

Cinema page & Magazine editor






I had the honor of being contacted by the ART DE CINEMA page as part of one of their participatory project of a superb work "FANZINE special edition" dealing with the film "THE BLOB"!


They then very kindly offered me to be part of this campaign by including my creation of the Blob jar on some of their matching bonuses. ​


The kind of project that I really like and I am very proud to have been able to participate at my level.



Special effects Studio (Lord of the rings)






















The New Zealand studio WETA WORKSHOP founded in 1986 by Richard Taylor specializes in special effects.

His reputation is well established since she produced all the special effects, costumes, armor, weapons, creatures and models for the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" directed by Sir PETER JACKSON. ​


But long before being at the head of the WETA studio, Richard Taylor had worked as a makeup artist, creator of SFX and prosthetics on the film "BRAINDEAD" (1993) by P. Jackson, of which I created a replica of the famous custard scene (Custard - Braindead). Creation of which I am very proud, since I managed to identify and obtain the same collection bowls in English earthenware as those used in the scene, in order to create a piece that is as screen accurate as possible (as close as possible to the scene original). ​


That's how I decided to send photos of my creation to the studio...they loved my work and asked me for details on how I made it.

My little creation was therefore shared and relayed with the entire WETA WORKSHOP team and especially to its founder, Sir Richard Taylor, telling me to "continue my incredible work" and "not to hesitate to share with them my future creations on this film”! ​


Very proud of this, especially since “Braindead” has a very special place in my heart and is quite simply my favorite horror film!





Article on the Game of Thrones universe reference site








Following the creation of my second wall plaque in the "GAME OF THRONES" series, the TARGARYEN plaque, I was contacted by, one of the most important international sites covering all news from the Game universe. of Thrones for the publication of a short article (in English) of a few lines dedicated to my work around this license. ​


Glad the community liked my work and thanks again for this article.





Video presentation of my work by the company & videographer FINDNGEEK.FR



The company is the first referencing and comparison site for pop culture, geek culture and manga culture.

In other words, the TRIPADVISOR OF THE GEEK.


I am also a partner of the site because I was very sensitive to its approach, to its project and I wanted to support it in my own way. ​


Nicko, the creator of the site and having a YOUTUBE channel dealing mainly with statues, proders and everything related to this universe.

​ It is in this context that he wanted to present my work via a video on his channel with my new creation freshly released at that time: My plate GAME OF THRONES - LANNISTER. ​


The result is a very high quality video that does justice to my creation and a beautiful presentation of my work.


A huge THANK YOU to Nicko for this superb video and for his involvement.







Special order for a store & Publication in a magazine
















I was contacted to create a custom zombie bust with a vintage motorcycle helmet for a specialized shop/preparer "ZOMBIE BIKE CONCEPT". ​


My bust now decorates this magnificent shop and even made an appearance in a dedicated article in the famous "FREEWAY" magazine! :)

Zombie motard


Sculpture competition "Modelsculpt"-

Second place 









While I had only been learning sculpture on my own for a few months, I saw a sculpture competition on the theme "Alien-Insect" on a forum and decided to participate (given the theme, I couldn't do not do otherwise! ^^).


Despite the excellent level of some participants, I had the great surprise of finishing second in this competition with my ALIEN CENTIPED which I had named VETUS MALACCOLABIS. Entirely hand sculpted in Monster clay for a size of around thirty centimeters.


This second place in this competition was a very good test for me. This allowed me to sculpt my first project on an imposed theme and forced me to show my work to other people... It was a great source of motivation which pushed me to persevere on this path. ​


This sculpture therefore symbolizes the beginning of my adventure!

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