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For as long as I can remember, I have always been attracted to all forms of Art: drawing, illustrations, cinema, painting...but above all and above all sculpture. I have always been fascinated by the fact of being able to physically materialize characters, scenes, to see them come to life before our eyes...and even to be able to go beyond by expressing emotions or conveying messages. ​


That's why I started collecting statues of my favorite characters and displaying them in my living room. They have become an integral part of my daily life, of my past, of my nostalgia and have helped me discover my path. I


ndeed, the very day I left my job in the video game industry, I immediately questioned myself about my future and what I would like to do next. It was then that I looked at my little display cases of statues and figurines from the period and said to myself “Hey, it would be cool to create my own pieces!”

The next day, I returned from store with my 2 loaves of clay, 3 sculpting tools, some brushes and paint and I set off to learn sculpture and the complete creative process as a true self-taught artist. ​


I quickly discovered a true vocation and decided to devote myself completely to it to make it my career. ​


Today, this true passion that drives me allows me to create my own sculptures paying homage to the films, licenses, characters and cult objects that have left their mark on me and to share this nostalgia with my clients and subscribers. ​


My ultimate goal thereafter will be to offer my own artistic collection with original pieces that I have entirely conceptualized in order to share my universe, my messages and my personal vision...


My greatest source of inspiration is undoubtedly Horror and Fantasy cinema. Having been into it since I was little, I have a particular affection for these genres, and more generally for the cinema of the 80s and 90s with which I grew up. ​


But other arts thrill me just as much, such as video games, manga/cartoons, the world of fantasy, Steampunk...


In terms of working technique, I mainly sculpt in plastiline (Monster Clay) which I find very pleasant to work with.


I generally cast my sculptures in silicone, then I make the cast of my creations in resin, which has many advantages, including the solidity and high fidelity of the prints. ​


Since 2022, I have also started learning DIGITAL SCULPTURE in order to complete my sculpture techniques.


I invite you to discover all of my creations here in the gallery. ​


Do not hesitate to follow me on my social networks FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM to follow my work and not to miss out on my future new releases which are for the most part sold out very quickly!


In addition to my personal creations, I create creations on request, special orders and unique pieces whether you are an individual or a professional. (Depending on the agenda and possibilities of the moment). An idea for a figurine, bust or creation? Are you a fan of a character from a film, series or manga? Want a unique and personalized gift? A drawing that you want to see come to life? Do not hesitate and refer to the “INFO AND SERVICES” section of the site for more information on orders or the acquisition of my creations, then go to the “CONTACT” section to contact me directly or by email on


My pieces are produced by hand, painted by hand and I take care of the entire creation process from A to Z! ​


Thank you and enjoy your visit :)


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