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Baby Jason Voorhees
Friday the 13th


Statue of "Baby Jason Voorhees" depicts the notorious killer of the movie  slasher "Friday the 13th" returning, his feet muddy and his clothes stained, from his nighttime excursion in the woods de  "Crystal Lake" proudly brandishing the head of his decapitated plushie!

• Size:  20cm
• Material: solid resin
& Accessories in Super Sculpey
• Acrylic paint
• Limited edition

• 100% handmade

•  Concept/Sculpture/Casting/Printing/Painting by BenSculpt Creations

=>   Info & order, contact me  :

• Either via the site's contact form

• Either by private message via my Facebook page "BenSculpt Creations"

• Or by email:

International buyers are welcome  , I ship WORLDWIDE!  



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