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For everything information, information, price, purchase, project or special order, do not hesitate to contact me either via the CONTACT form on the site, or by email at (if need to send photos), or by private message on Facebook.



Buy my creations

 If you wish to acquire a creation,just me CONTACT : 

•  Mail  :

• Social networksux

• "Contact" section of the site.

Otherwise you have the option ofbuy directly on my ETSY SHOP  :


The price on my store or other sales platforms may be higher than orders placed directly by email or social networks to cover fees, taxes and commissions.


To note :

• The creation time varies according to the type of parts and according to my order book.

• Due to the fact that the work is artisanal, the paint, the colors, the tones, the saturations may vary slightly and not be perfectly identical from one piece to another.

• Don't forget that all my creations are printed invery limited copies and are therefore likely to fall out of stock permanently.


The process of your project & and special orders:


In addition to my personal creations, I carry out all your projects, requests, special orders and unique pieces, whether you are an individual or a professional.

This can be an idea for a figurine, bust, decorative object, personalized gift, concept coming directly from your imagination or simply a unique object to decorate your interior or your shop.Do not hesitate to let me know so that we can discuss it together and I I will not fail to share my opinion and my proposals.


Try to be as specific as possible: type of creation, size, desired material, estimated budget, multiple prints or unique pieces, so that I can have an overall view of your project. This will allow me to respond to you more efficiently and to more easily estimate a deadline as well as a fair price.

If you have photos, images, sketches, send me as many as possible.Nothing speaks better than a photo!


The delay  will depend on several elements to take into account, namely the different phases of creation and my current schedule (creations in progress, number of orders...). Creating a figurine takes a lot of work and does not happen in a day!

The creation will be divided into 4 main phases:

• The design phase : more or less long depending on the meadowdecision of your idea.

• The creation phase:  structure, framework, base, modelling/sculpture, texturing, smoothing...

• The production phase: creation of the silicone mould, drawing in resin, trimming, preparation of the part...

• The painting and finishing phase : painting of the creation, addition of finishes and details, varnish...

I will keep you regularly informed of the progress of your project at several stages of creation.

Know however that I prefer to take the necessary time and satisfy you, than to rush my work to release a piece more quickly! 


The price  dwill also depend on several factors: material,size, technicality...and can only be evaluated once the project has been well defined.

Once assessed,to validate your order and start your project, a deposit will be automatically requested. (Amount and means of payment to be defined withYOU).


When ordering a unique resin piece, be aware that the price of the mold will be less amortized than for several prints and will therefore have a greater impact on the price of your creation.

Nevertheless, as stated above, ordering multiple prints or making a bulk order will reduce the unit price of each piece.


To note :

I specify that I will automatically refuse any project which does not correspond to me and plagiarisms/copies of existing creations of other artists.

Also keep in mind that I am a simple small craftsman and not a factory ;) 

Thank you and...and don't wait any longer and contact me ;)


International buyers are welcomeI ship WORLDWIDE!

Information &order contact me at


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